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American hickory is a hardwood that is native to the eastern States of the USA. Its main commercial areas are the central and southern States. The hickories are split into two botanical groups – the true hickories and the pecan (fruit-bearing) hickories. However, the wood of both groups is almost identical and is usually sold together. Sapwood is white with a brownish tinge; heartwood is a pale to reddish-brown. The texture is coarse and usually with a straight grain, however it can be wavy or irregular. Bird pecks and mineral streaks are common characteristics of the timber and are not considered to be defects.

American hickory is most commonly used in tool handles, drumsticks, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, ladders, dowels, and sporting goods. It is increasingly exported from the US as flooring, given its rustic appearance and naturally occurring hardwearing properties. It has good strength and shock resistance, and good steam-bending properties. It sands and polishes well. It has a high shrinkage value and can be difficult to dry; this can affect the timber’s stability in conditions with variable moisture.

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