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Wenge wood (scientifically called Millettia Laurentii, Millettia spp., or Millettia stuhlmannii ( panga-panga)) is an endangered wood type originating from Central Africa. With the ability to grow to the size of 18-27 meters with around 1 meter of trunk diameter. While it is most often called Wenge wood in the developed world, this wood is also called African rosewood (ambiguous). Wenge wood is known for its medicinal purposes in the traditional medicine of Central Africa. The bark of millettia laurentii is used for the creation of remedies that treat diabetes, skin issues, fever, rheumatism, hernia, liver complaints, constipation. It is expensive, with rising prices due to increased unavailability.

It is today most commonly used for the creation of veneer, paneling, decking, canes, wood sculptures, furniture, turned objects, and high-end musical instruments.

Wedge wood has managed to attract significant acclaim around the world for its strength, durability, and resistance to termite attacks. It has a coarse texture and is low maintenance.

Wood Type : Hardwood
Texture : Medium
Durability : Slightly durable
Availability : Limited availability at a specialist timber

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