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Saify Commercial Establishment


MQ Enterprises is a subsidiary of the SCE group formed in 2015. Our forefathers ventured into the business of Timber since 1931 and mostly worked with the local timber supply available. SCE was formed in 1981 and started into the business of importing Softwood Lumber In 1998. Since then SCE has been a major leader in the Softwood Industry of Pakistan. Whereas MQ specializes in the trading and imports of Quality Hardwood Lumber and Allied Products from all around the world and follows the same principles that our Forefathers established about 90 years ago, and with the same vision MQ has made itself to be a reliable and trusted provider of Quality Hardwood Lumber in Pakistan.



To be your NO.1 Choice for Quality Hardwood Lumber.


To be a pioneer in the Hardwood Lumber Industry by implementing solutions for a Sustainable and Environmental Friendly Products tailored to your needs.


We have an inventory of 50,000 cubic feet of Quality Hardwood Lumber at all time and also warehousing and manufacturing facilities located in ideal Location of Karachi, Hence any requirement is just a call away!