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Southern Yellow Pine

The name Southern Yellow Pine includes the following species; Pinus palustris, Pinus elliottii, Pinus echinata, Pinus taeda and as the name suggests, originating from the Southern States of  N.America e.g. from Virginia to Florida and along the Gulf Coast. Southern Yellow Pine is also referred to as American Pitch Pine, Gulf Coast Pine, Long Leaf Pitch Pine, and Loblolly Pine. The Pine trees of this species grow to 30m and usually about 750mm in diameter, so not small by any means.  The resulting timber is generally wide and long due to the stability of the tree. Our stock is generally 25mm & 32mm thick sawn boards (so will be thinner when planed). The overall coloring is creamy yellow with the marked growth rings a rich reddy-brown. Southern Yellow Pine is not common, in fact, it’s probably underutilized so for projects that need something different it’s worth considering.

SYP is a real all-rounder for Furniture making but it comes into its own for Flooring, Decking for interior/exterior Joinery, and also Structural work. The Southern Yellow Pine is known to be the hardest, strongest pine in existence and it’s is fairly durable and resistant to decay. Good mechanical strength and inherent toughness, help make it practical even if it is a softwood. Its grain is broad, strong, and vibrant because the annual growth rings of the tree are very marked.

Wood Type : Softwood
Texture : Medium
Durability : Slightly Durable

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