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Red Oak

The sapwood of red oak is white to light brown and the heartwood is a pinkish-reddish brown. The wood is similar in general appearance to white oak, but with a slightly less pronounced figure due to the smaller rays. The wood is mostly straight-grained, with a coarse texture. Widespread throughout Eastern U.S. Oaks is, by far, the most abundant species group growing in the Eastern hardwood forests.

It machines well. Pre-boring is recommended for nailing and screwing. It can be stained to a golden finish, with a wide range of finish tones. Red oak is hard and heavy, with medium-bending strength and stiffness and high crushing strength.

Wood Type : Hardwood
Texture : Grain is straight, with a coarse, uneven texture.
Durability : Non-durable to perishable
Availability : Abundant availability in a good range of widths and thicknesses, both as flatsawn and quartersawn lumber.

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